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Models in Atlanta, Georgia wanted email
Queen Bey
"Always believe your great even before anyone else believe it"
Jay Z (Hot 97 w/ Angie Martinez)
5 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2014
1. Floral pants and dresses
2. Crop top with skirt assemble 
3. Lace
4. Pleads
5. Leather Motor Coat
"People will stare—Make it worth their wild!"
Harry Winston
This industry is vastly welcoming Mexican and Kenyan actress and film director Lupita Nyong’o. She has made her first American film debut in 12 Years a Slave as “Patsey”. She’s firing hot right now as she received 25 awards so far, and has wooed those watching, looking stunning, as to what and who will she wear next to the red carpet. Keep your eye on this gal because she is the next best thing. 
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